One small step towards

living life on Mars;

One giant leap towards a

future society. 


A 2020 Girl Scout Gold Award Project

"One Small Step" Towards Life on Mars

Have you ever looked up into the nighttime sky, wondering what creatures and galaxies live beyond the stars? Think back to when you learned about the phases of the moon, or the acronym "My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Noodles" in order to learn the planets. Have you ever dreamed about going into space yourself and living on the moon or maybe even Mars? This is the dream that space programs like NASA are working to make come true in 10 to 20 years from now.

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My name is Samiya Henry and I am a Senior Girl Scout with the Girl Scouts of the Heart of Pennsylvania. I have been a Girl Scout for over ten years. As a senior, I am eligible to complete my Gold Award, which is the highest honor a Girl Scout can receive. 

Throughout my years as a Girl Scout, I have not only learned certain trades and skills that will help me survive, but I have become more aware of the issues that concern our planet and our community. The Gold Award allows me to pick one of these issues, gather a team, create a plan, and take action to help solve this problem. For my Gold Award, I am working to make sure that when man sets foot in space, he has just as many rights as we do here on Earth. An issue as big as this requires the voice and the efforts of all people, so that we too may take steps in space; one small step for mankind, and a giant leap towards a future society


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With several space organizations planning to send man into space between the next ten to twenty years, one aspect that is not receiving much attention is the human rights aspect. Throughout this website, you will find the details of my project, as well as the surveys, where the community can voice their opinions and the rights that they feel are necessary in a new society that is shared with countries throughout the world. 

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Contributers &

Future Voyagers

Thank you to those who participated in this project, helping us put one foot forward towards a future society and a better understanding of our government system!

Want to be considered a future voyager? Complete the attached surveys and share what you think it takes to establish a long lasting society! 

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